Sarah Freeman , SPCP

Sarah is the owner of LL Beauty and Artist. 

Sarah received her Certification in Microblading from Daria Chuprys

at her Permanent Makeup Academy where she learned the Art of Microblading. 

Sarah completed her Advanced Microblading Training under Audrey Glass

and Eyebrow Mapping with Jen Boyd Ink. 

 Sarah began her career working in Cosmetics for Christian Dior and Borghese

while also working as a freelance makeup artist. 

Sarah has always enjoyed creating and her art has taken abroad to showcase her work. 



Semi-Permanent Cosmetics 


Midtown Sacramento Studio 

Eyebrows (Ombre Brows): $200 USD through December 31st, 2019

Eyebrows (Microblading): $299 USD 

Eyebrows (Microshading): $399 USD 

Eyebrows (Correction Brows): $99 on top of each service

Freckles: $149 USD (First Follow Up Session Included)

Eyebrow Follow Up Session (6 weeks - 9 weeks of initial session): $99 USD 

Eyebrow Yearly Follow Up Session (10 weeks -11 months from last session): $199 USD

Eyebrow Session (12 months or more from last session): current pricing USD

Freckles Follow Up: $99 USD

Henna Brows 


Midtown Sacramento Studio 

Henna Brows: $40

(A natural solution to tinting your eyebrows.  Or not sure if you're ready

for Microblading, this is a great option to give you an idea of what your

brows could look like.) 


Organic Spray Tan 


Midtown Sacramento Studio

Organic Spray Tan: $40

(Organic Solution develops within 8-12 hours.  Aloe based solution & moisturizing.)


Organic Spray Rapid Tan: $50

(Organic Solution develops within 1-4 hours.  Best for clients on the go.  Alcohol based solution for rapid development.)

CBD Spray Tan: $50

(Organic Tanning Solution combined with CBD Concentrate. CBD rejuvenates & soothes the skin, hydrates the skin, noticeably relieves pain, rashes and irritation, reduces acne, reduces inflammation, plus it has antibacterial antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.)

Organic Tanning Additives: $5

(Anti-Aging|Skin Firming|Golden Shimmer|Opalescent|Orange Ginger Scent|Pineapple Scent)

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